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HerCsuite™ Radio Creating Inclusive Organizations with Gina Cox, Ph.D.

There are many conversations about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and this discussion takes an authentic look at the actions leaders need to take to create meaningful change. This episode’s guest has the answer to how we can achieve this: effective leadership and culture. In this interview, Gena Cox, Ph.D. shares in depth how to be open and transparent from “the top of the house”. What we can all do to create more inclusive workplaces. She describes her research for her best-selling book, Leading Inclusion and dives deep into the findings and the her discovery of the C’s leaders need to understand to create inclusive organizations. Follow along to this great conversation and learn more about elevating the human experience in the workplace. The R.E.D.I Model: Respect – Equity – Diversity – Inclusion Dr. Cox talks about the survey she created with 500 people, and what it she found was truly getting in the way of inclusion. She asked the question: “What is it you would like your leaders to know differently?” She heard over and over that in order to achieve real change, outcomes have to start by delivering Respect first to have an inclusive culture. The 3 C’s: If you are a leader, you have an obligation to lead the employee. Try using these three components: Curiosity-Leaders must know something about the people they lead. Connection-People are looking to have meaningful human interactions. Comfort-Everyone wishes they could get past the conversation and feel comfortable. This interview happened immediately following a HerCsuite™ DEI Cross Organization Council meeting. Every month, the council gets together and has an outside speaker like Dr. Cox, followed by peer-to-peer conversations and networking. Our speakers are part of HerCsuite™ and members have an opportunity to connect inside our network community. Resources: Gena Cox.com HerCsuite™ Radio is sponsored by our Turnkey Speaker Programs. Find out about our Women’s History Month Program and Schedule a call to learn more. HerCsuite™ Founder and Podcast Host Natalie Benamou can be found LinkedIn | HerCsuite™ LinkedIn | HerPower2 LinkedIn Thank you Dr. Cox for being a HerCsuite™  speaker, guest on this podcast and member of our DEI Cross Organizational Council.  Keep shining your light out, the world needs you. We would be honored if you subscribed and shared this episode with a friend or colleague today.