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Curated Solutions for Your Overwhelm

Meghan Draper February 16, 2023

Have you been feeling overwhelmed? You are in good company. So many women have shared their stories recently, podcast host and Founder of HerCsuite™ Natalie Benamou shares relatable stories about being on the “super highway to success” only to realize the fast lane isn’t all it was cut out to be. Full podcast: https://tinyurl.com/75xhehnv HerCsuite™ delivers programs to advance more women at every career level inside our all-in-one platform and app. Our facilitated mentoring circles, turnkey speaker events and leadership development circles engage female talent in new ways. Women achieve success inside HerCsuite™ Network Community. Our DEI Council is a cross organization peer-to-peer learning circle providing strategic insights to link initiatives to the business goals. You Belong Here. Natalie Benamou is the Founder of HerCsuite™. Natalie is a speaker, podcast guest, board advisor and CEO of HerPower2, Inc. Reach out if you would like her to speak or be on this podcast at [email protected]. Advance and engage more women in every career phase with HerCsuite™. You Belong Here. LinkedIn: Natalie Benamou | HerPower2 Lead | HerCsuite™