HerCsuite™ is an immersive interactive online membership for women leaders and female entrepreneurs. Together we engage, meet and grow so that we can create lasting change.

Members have a personalized experience inside our proprietary platform, including curated Mastermind circles where we share innovative strategies, exchange expert advice and open doors of opportunities for each other.

Get Ready To Engage  Meet  Thrive! 


Receive Personalized Advice

Who do you turn to when facing a tough challenge?  If you paused, you are not alone. Nearly half of all women entrepreneurs don’t have access to mentors, advisors or sponsors. If you are a corporate leader, you may also be navigating a way to level-up, get referrals or ask unapologetically for access.

It can feel, well, pretty overwhelming right? The good news is, now, you don’t have to go it alone


Interact Inside A Community

It is pretty hard right now to connect with a trusted ally, someone you feel like you can turn to for guidance. Instead of feeling isolated, what if you felt like you are part of something bigger than yourself.   

The number one thing that would help you in this moment, and that you crave, is a sense of belonging to a supportive leadership community. Together, commit to bold ambitious goals and get things done!


Transform Your Future

Have you felt like your career momentum has hit a big pause button?  Whether you want to move to the c-level or are already there, our members share best practices, articles and advice to promote transformation in all areas of life.

Accelerate your success with an accountability partner and find real-world support from other high level executive leaders who understand you and cheer you on every step of the way. Mastermind circles, networking, referrals, and more are all accessible to our members

Member Journey

Member Journey

Who We Are

What We Do

When We Meet

The HerCsuite™ Difference

  • We are diverse, inclusive and experienced collective of women who have moxie, positive energy and grit.
  • Together we share a common vision that women are valuable to our economy.
  • We negotiate to get paid our worth; ask for more and don’t leave anything on the table.
  • We share a passion to create an enduring legacy for change.

Achieve Real Results

  • Members are recognized and receive certificates when they complete online courses.
  • Accountability partners ensure each member stays on track.
  • We measure success and share wins every week in the community.
  • Success is measured via gamification and members receive award

How Can HerCsuite™ Help You?

  • Expand your circle of influence.
  • Create a personal advisory board.
  • Share knowledge and get visibility.
  • Increase your net worth.
  • Connect with like-minded, ambitious women who make introductions so you can win more business.
  • Negotiate for more, increase your wins and get promoted.

Personalized Coaching

  • Members have access to amazing coaches, online courses and speakers.
  • Get additional help to Bold Your Ambitious Goals.

“Throughout my career, I have had such an appreciation for and truly benefited from my network and mentors, HerCsuite™ helped me to take this to the next level!”

 – Melanie Neal, Vice President, Commercial Excellence

You’re On The List

Hello There!  I created HerCsuite™ to be a personalized experience where you can ‘find your people’, feel valued and share your energy and passion with amazing women just like you!  If you are a female entrepreneur or business leader, you are in the right place. 

From my heart to your application, I invite you to hit Apply below.

The World Needs You!

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