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Ladies Get Paid Fireside Chat with author Claire Wasserman

Natalie March 17, 2021

Want to take command of your career and get paid what you deserve?

Join Natalie Benamou in conversation with Claire Wasserman to learn about how women can level up professionally and financially. Whether you’re a full-timer, a freelancer, or own your own business, this is for any woman in any industry who wants to reach her full potential and make sure other women do too.

About Claire:

Claire Wasserman is an educator, entrepreneur, and thought leader. She is the Founder of Ladies Get Paid, a global community that champions the professional and financial advancement of women. She is also the producer and host of John Hancock’s podcast, Friends Who Talk About Money. Claire has traveled the country teaching thousands of women how to negotiate millions of dollars in raises, start businesses, and advocate for themselves in the workplace. Claire was named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Most Powerful Women and is a highly-sought-after expert for Fortune 500 companies working to improve diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging within their organizations.

This was a book tour event with the author and we discussed real life examples of women in the book.