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Enhancing Your On Camera Presence Workshop with Roz Usheroff

Natalie March 16, 2021

Whether you are leading or attending an online meeting, there are no dress rehearsals once the camera is on. Most people form impressions of you within seven seconds. You are being judged by more than just your words.

The importance of developing a personal connection with your audience is critical. You have to adopt an engaged, active persona in an environment that doesn’t necessarily lend itself to that. Body language plays a significant role in how others perceive you, often speaking louder than words. The projection of your voice will also be judged.

This workshop is designed to help the participants learn how to combine the right energy with the right body language and the right words to project a professional presence and deliver an impactful message.

This workshop is designed to guide the participants on how to develop an on-screen presence that showcases confidence, comfort and charisma. Topics will range from designing the environment to getting camera ready to demonstrating effective communication. Participants will learn the art of small talk to engage others in a relaxed style of conversation to set the stage. All the topics covered will help elevate engagement while appearing authentic and prepared.


  • Master impressions that showcase personal leadership
  • Optimize your virtual tools to be camera ready
  • Capitalize on strategies for creating audience engagement

About the Speaker:

Roz’s passion in life is growing and equipping others to feel inspired to achieve and sustain success for themselves, their people, and their teams. She is committed to helping clients to overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors in, or that lead to, positive lasting change.As an expert in her field, Roz Usheroff is one of the most sought-after specialists that help professionals develop executive presence through communication, image and personal branding.When you exude confidence, credibility and compelling communication, you have executive presence. That’s when people know you’re in command.Roz understands the transformational complexities of changing and growing oneself to become a unique leader, having worked with individuals worldwide of Fortune 500 companies, executives, managers, sales teams, and high performers for over 20 years.Roz infuses present and future leaders with what they need to accelerate their career and build robust teams by helping them become:Self-assured | Courageous | Distinctive | InfluentialSharing practical and proven methods, Roz’s personal joy is found in leading others to do remarkable things and live life with purpose, presence and significance.