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Women on Corporate Boards – Member Exclusive Workshop

Meghan Draper September 6, 2022

Taking your career to the Corporate Boardroom is an aspirational goal, but first you must know how to find the best match for you. RSVP for this exclusive HerCsuite ™ interactive program

Begin to explore with Janelle Brittain, Executive Board Coach, what it takes to capitalize on your accomplishments and make wise choices on:

  • Which of the 11 Corporate Board types are right for me?
  • How should I put together my “Board Narrative” that translates my executive accomplishments into Board language?
  • How should I network differently?
  • How do I build a Board portfolio?

Janelle Brittain, MBA, CSP  has served on a variety of boards for 47 years, and was the Director of the Boardology® Institute for Boardroom Bound for 12 years, whose mission was to prepare women and minorities for corporate board service and help match them for corporate board opportunities. She has also served as Managing Director of the Mastermind Advisory Board and has been guiding executives as a Board Prep Coach for 20 years, helping executives make the successful transition to Corporate Board Directors.

This event will help us to better understand the needs of our HerCsuite ™ members as we develop a leadership curriculum designed to advance more women to Corporate Board of Director roles.