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Harness the Power of DEI to Make an Impact with Wema K, Hoover

Meghan Draper January 9, 2023

Watch this special HerCsuite™ Exclusive DEI Cross Organization Council Program for an engaging fireside chat with Wema Hoover, MS, GPHR as we discuss how to create a lasting impact and harness the power of diversity at your organization. Gain access to this facilitated conversation and more by becoming a HerCusite Member.

Discover strategies to build on DEI Energy and awareness to create real and sustainable change. – How to use momentum to drive equity in talent development and promotions – How to adopt inclusive strategies for microaggressions in the workplace.

– The role DEI has in the c-suite and how to ensure all voices are at the table Featured Speaker Wema K. Hoover, MS, GPHR linkedin.com/in/wemahoover/wemahoover.com Wema Hoover is a global executive and transformational leader of diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI) and human resources and Principal & CEO of Wema Hoover Advisors, executive coaching firm and Be Limitless Consulting a DEI and Culture firm.

Wema has a proven track record of creating systemic change in organizational culture by embedding diversity and inclusion into people practices, processes, and product approach on a global scale. Wema is a former global Chief Diversity Officer and Head of Culture who has lived in four (4) countries and ran global teams in 26 countries for Google, Sanofi, Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb. She has partnered with the United Nations and World Economic Forum on global sustainability and diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. Wema also serves as a contributing writer for Fast Company, Inc, NAMI and Diversity Magazine. Wema is known for building pathways of growth both personally and professionally to advance and develop women and marginalized communities by harnessing their purpose and passion to maximize their full potential in work and life. Wema’s deep experience spans multinational, market-leading consulting, pharmaceutical, and technology enterprises with a high degree of cultural awareness after living in the US, Europe and Asia and leading globally dispersed teams. As a trusted C-suite and board-level advisor, she leverages her background leading global DEI efforts to create organizational practices that maximize the value of diversity to build high performance teams and drive business outcomes through an ESG approach and application. Throughout her career Wema has developed strategic partnerships and relationships to advance and support culture, talent management and diversity, equity and inclusion. She has continuously worked in collaborative partnerships and communities of practice securing key high-profile strategic partnerships with the United Nations, World Economic Forum, Mercer, McKinsey and Valuable 500 amongst other organizations to build the most progressive DEI, leadership and organizational development practices to enable progress and organizational performance on a global scale. Wema is also an executive coach who holds a Master of Science in Human Resource Management and a Master’s-level Certificate in Organizational Change Management both from New School University. She also earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Rutgers University and a certification as a Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR) through the Human Resources Certification Institute.