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This circle is a cross organization group designed to encourage conversation and support for DEI, ESG and ERG leaders. The circle will be facilitated by Eliza Gonzalez, HerCsuite™ DEI Advisor, along with  Lydia Rohn, HR Executive Leader and Cathy Skala, CEO and Board Advisor
DEI Council Circle Welcome!  We are excited to invite you all to this kickoff meeting.
This is a cross organization member circle designed to share best practices and support each other in your roles.

First Meeting Agenda:
DEI Council Circle Member Introductions
Eliza Gonzalez-introduce topics from the survey

  • Levels of maturity: members share how they would describe their BRG/ERG maturity level (e.g.: start-up, in-transition, advanced, etc..)
  • C-Suite sponsorship:  how important is having senior-level sponsorship for your BRGs/ERGs?
  • Metrics:  do you currently monitor areas of strength and areas of focus through metrics?  If not, is this something that you are pursuing?


  • Alignment to business:  how do you ensure the goals, mission, and actions of your BRG/ERG are aligned with the business?


  • Governance model:  Is there consistency in how each BRG/ERG operates across the org?  What interfaces exist between your BRGs/ERGs and other departments through common goals (for example:  office of diversity & inclusion, corporate social responsibility, other departments?)


  • BRG and Talent Development linkage:  Active involvement in BRGs is a great opportunity for women of all levels in the org to demonstrate their leadership skills.  By demonstrating their leadership skills in a BRG, women gain exposure beyond their “day jobs” providing additional opportunities for career advancement and expansion of their network inside and outside of the organization.